5 Box Jumps to Add to Your Workout Routine

5 Box Jumps to Add to Your Workout Routine

Box jumps can make your workouts more intense by forcing you to jump a little higher than you would while jumping in place or jump roping. They also can increase your strength and agility.

Try adding exercises like these to your workout routine to give your legs a few new challenges:

Basic Box Jump

If you’ve never done box exercises, start with a box that’s about a foot high. Stand a few inches behind the box with your feet about shoulder width apart; slightly squat down; and jump up onto the box. Try to land softly, like a ninja or a cat. Now step down and repeat the motion. Do six to eight reps and include three sets of the exercise in your workout routine.

Lateral Box Jump

This exercise is slightly more difficult, so you might want to get really comfortable doing the basic box jump before you try it. Start standing to the side of the box with your feet slightly apart. Now slightly squat down and jump sideways to land on top of the box. After you’ve done your reps on one side, switch to the other.

Lateral Box Push Offs

For this exercise, you also start at the side of the box. However, you’ll begin with your foot closest to the box on top of it. Now push up explosively into the air, landing with your opposite foot on top of the box. You’ll want to be in the same position that you started in, but now you’ll be on the opposite side of the box.

Burpee Box Jump

Begin with a basic box jump and step back down. Jump to the ground so that you’re in a push-up position, just like you would do when performing a regular burpee. Now push yourself back up into the standing position and repeat. If you’re too far behind the box after standing up, you can step forward before jumping.

Box Jump with One-Legged Landing

This is just like a basic box jump. However, instead of landing on both feet, you’ll want to try to softly land on just one foot.

When doing box jumps, it’s best to do them on a padded surface. Make sure you’ve mastered the basic box jump before trying some of the more difficult exercises, and start with lower reps. If three or four is all you feel comfortable doing, don’t worry – pushing yourself too hard while doing challenging exercises like these is a good way to end up getting injured.

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