5 tips for being fit during pregnancy

5 tips for being fit during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life – the feeling of travelling into motherhood brings an overall change in a person. Looking after oneself and a proper regime can not only help keep complications during pregnancy at bay but also let you stay fit.

During pregnancy it is very crucial for women to know what is best for them and how can they stay fit; there are 5 important tips that help you stay fit during pregnancy:

Diet Management:  A pregnant woman has greater energy requirements and has to eat more than before as the nutrition required has to suffice both mother and the child inside. A balanced diet including right amount of vegetables, fruits, milk, meat, fish, cereals and nuts is a must for meeting the all-round nutrition need of the body.

Exercise: Exercises, yoga and mild workout during pregnancy not boosts your energy level and help regulate weight again but also act as stress busters and improve your sleep. Workouts help relieve backache and strengthen and tone muscles in back, butt and thighs; prepares body for child birth.

Regular medical consultation: With the onset of pregnancy you must be under constant guidance of your doctor who can keep you informed about the changes taking in your body and advice the medication and diet best for your fitness.

Calcium and Iron folic acid:  Women tend to suffer from anemia and osteoporosis during pregnancy thus it is very important to take calcium and iron folic acid supplements besides eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

Be Happy: A relaxed mind and a happy heart is very essential for fitness and health of a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, expecting mothers must avoid stress and engage in activities and interests that lighten their moods.

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