An Elk Grove CA Optometrist And Glasses To Help The Eyes See

An Elk Grove CA Optometrist And Glasses To Help The Eyes See

Everyone should meet with an optometrist in Elk Grove CA for a general vision assessment every one or two years. If an individual feels that their glasses or contact lenses are not correcting vision properly, then vision checks once a year are best. The optometrist will need to consider whether or not visual difficulties are related to poor eye health.

This is the case, because macular degeneration as well as cataract and glaucoma conditions can directly effect the vision. Machines will help to consider diseases and eye abnormalities, and the optometrist will look over the eyes thoroughly as well. The eye professional will be able to see the retina, the eye lens, and the cornea clearly when looking within the eye.

If the optometrist feels that the eyes are healthy or considered normal, then the patient will be able to receive new prescription glasses. The glasses will be made with lenses that are specific to the patient’s sight deficiency or difficulty.

An Elk Grove CA Optometrist And Glasses To Help The Eyes See

To make sure that glasses contain the best or the correct prescription lenses, vision tests are completed. The patient will need to indicate the clarity of different sized numbers and letters on charts. Afterwards, the optometrist in Elk Grove CA will use lenses so that the patient can indicate prescriptions that are clearer than others.

Eventually, two sets of lens will create clear sight. The patient will consider both sets and indicate which of the lenses provide good sight without shrinking images in front of the eyes. The lenses can then be prepared within glasses once frames are chosen. The optometrist will indicate that two sets of glasses are ideal for the patient.

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