Clean Eating Recipes

Clean Eating Recipes

Operation Clean It Up In Full Effect!

Preparation is key! If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. Consider choosing one day a week as your “prep day” for planning your meals for the week before you go grocery shopping. This will not only save you money at the grocery store, it will also keep you from purchasing junk food items you don’t need. Remember to stock up on fruits and veggies, lean cuts of meat and fish. Shop the parameter of the store as much as possible. Don’t forget to stock up on healthy snacks you can take on the go. Don’t go to the store hungry!

Keep It Simple!! Don’t over complicate things by trying to make every meal by following a recipe etc. I like to think of eating as snacking throughout the day on healthy choices or “grazing” as I like to call it. I usually “make” only one meal a day for dinner, and I make sure I have enough for leftovers for the next day. Here are a few examples of simple choices I make for breakfast and lunch, and snacks in between:


– egg whites scrambled with salsa and avocado

– shakeology

– plain greek yogurt with frozen fruit and almonds or sometimes just a drizzle of – honey

– whole wheat bagel with scrambled egg whites


– shakeology

– whole wheat tortilla with turkey or chicken breast, spinach, and avocado

– leftovers from dinner the night before

– brown rice cake with almond butter, sliced banana, and honey on top

– Snacks

– apples

– veggies with hummus(edamame hummus is my fav)

– hard boiled eggs

– carrots

– air-popped popcorn

– grapes(they are awesome frozen!)

– string cheese

– dried fruit chips with no added sugar

– bananas

– bell pepper strips with hummus

– celery and peanut butter

– brown rice cake with almond butter

– kale chips

– Nitrate-free turkey rolled up with avocado

– Banana chips dipped in skinny Nutella

– Handful of almonds

– Greek yogurt with fruit

– Steamed edemame with sea salt

– Cup of sliced berries

– Clementines

– Steel cut oatmeal with cinnamon

– Homemade granola or trail mix

– Sweet potato chips

– Beet chips

– Small box of raisins

Remember to start slow by making small changes to your routine verses a total overhaul overnight. It takes time and effort to create new habits. Don’t get too down on yourself when you slip up. It will happen. Keep trying and keep focus on your goals and your reasons for cleaning up your diet. You can do this!

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