Great Diagnostic Imaging In Dallas

Great Diagnostic Imaging In Dallas

About six months ago my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer, we have been successfully treating the cancer and he is in the clear now. When my husband first started suspecting that something was wrong he felt sick all the time and other symptoms were starting to show. We went in to the doctors for my husband to get checked and they sent us for diagnostic imaging in Dallas at the regional hospital there.

At the imaging center my husband was so nervous and scared at what they might find he was having a hard time being calm. The entire staff did everything they could to make my husband comfortable. The technicians explained what was going to happen and that made him relax.

After we had gone to Dallas for Diagnostic Imaging that is when we found out my husband had kidney cancer. My husband and I were scared to death about what was going to happen to my husband but we are so thankful that were able to get in and get the imaging done that told us he had cancer so we could start fighting it. My husband and I were very impressed with the staff and the advanced technology they had to help my husband the cancer he has.

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