How to waxing on the face at home

How to waxing on the face at home

Waxing for women

Smooth face can make you attractive and self-confident . To get rid of pesky hairs, reducing to zero, your sexuality, try waxing facial at home. If we talk about the price of waxing salons, facial hair removal in the peace and quiet of your home may be easier and cheaper .

Buying wax

Personal home waxing – to find the appropriate wax for you. Go to your local supermarket and search for wax depilating agents tested by dermatologists and are intended for sensitive skin. Additional components such as white lily, which is found in the set Nair Face Roll-On Wax Kit, can be protected from excessive sensitivity.

Cleaning Face

Beauty in the mud Clean skin facial prepares you to the best waxing. The face and hands as you touch them to the wax in the first place, wash with detergent. Golden rules of skin care.

Heating and checking

Follow the instructions on the container with the wax, heat it up to the specified temperature. Do not forget to check whether it is not too hot for the precious skin of your face . Burns not only looks unattractive, but also brings discomfort.

The application and removal

Apply the wax to the face with a thin even layer . Apply the strip and leave it for a specified time. Quick motion tear strip against the direction of hair growth. Do not pull the hair up, it can lead to the fact that they break down and grow back faster.


Immediately push the depilatory area to avoid unnecessary discomfort. It is not necessary to carry out waxing more than once per session, as it may cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Apply a coat of your favorite lotion for the face to soothe the skin.


Peeling of the skin for a day or two before waxing prepare a smooth surface for depilation. The effect of the normal waxing lasts from two to four weeks. Exfoliation will help to increase the time between depilation maximum of four weeks.

A few notes

Use more or magnifying mirror to see better depilatory area. If you see where apply the wax, you have a better chance to remove all unwanted hairs.

Spend test. To ensure that you do not have allergy to the wax , depilation perform a test on the arm or leg. If you are afraid of pain that can cause waxing, use a spray with a cooling effect . They can easily be applied directly to the depilation in order to reduce the sensitivity to the application of one or two applications of wax. In order not to cause excess wax, tweezers, remove individual hairs. This can be done quickly and efficiently as well.

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