Oriflame Directors’ Seminar India 2015 Mumbai

Oriflame Directors' Seminar India 2015 Mumbai

With spectacular entertainment, Special recognitions and inspirational words of encouragement by the regional Management & Global guests– this was an extravaganza unlike any other… The dream destination of the Gold Conference 2016, Copenhagen fairy tale was the theme of the three different nights with a main theme of Dreams Come Alive at the helm of … Read moreOriflame Directors’ Seminar India 2015 Mumbai

Oriflame Directors’ Seminar Photos

Just like a fairy tale coming to life, the Oriflame Directors’ Seminar 2015 was a grand event of celebrations and merriment with three days of dream like experience touching the lives of everyone present at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai on April 23-25.

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15 лет Орифлейм Казахстан: Мега Форум

Орифлейм Казахстан 15 лет

Уважаемые бизнес партнеры из Казахстана, посмотрите фотографии с уникального мероприятия Орифлейм, которое проходило 16-17 мая в г. Шымкенте. Это было Юбилейное МЕГА мероприятие и Юбилейный МЕГА семинар.

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