Tips On How To Treat Dry Face

Tips On How To Treat Dry Face

Dry Face

Having a dry face can be a big problem. The face will appear dull, unappealing and sometimes it will look old. Application of makeup can also be a problem as certain products tend to increase the dryness of the face and create further damage to the skin. It is a known fact that individuals with this type of skin are vulnerable to the early signs of aging than those people with oily skin. To some extent this skin type makes the face and the other parts of the body itchy and lack elasticity. The following are tips that can help in alleviating the problem and make you have a glowing face once again.

Use the Correct Toner and Facial Cleanser

The first trick one can apply is to use an appropriate facial cleanser and the right toner for your skin type. There are several cleansers in the market designed for dry skin type this is the best to use. It will help in retaining the natural moisture of the skin. A toner is also important when attending to your face. It helps in removing the deep seated dirt on the skin which the cleanser did not eliminate. On top of that it is also important to use a toner before applying a moisturizer. The best toner is one that is alcohol free.

Apply a Moisturizer

A hydrating moisturizer is the best for this dry skin type and face. A hydrating moisturizer that contains antioxidants and other moisturizing properties is important. When applying a moisturizer you are advised to apply an adequate amount to your face and thoroughly massage it in a circular motion for quick absorption. You can moisturize twice daily in the morning and before bed.


Exfoliation of the face is very important and you can do this at least once in a week. A mild and non abrasive exfoliating facial scrub is the best for this treatment. On top of that, you can massage oatmeal grain mixed with non fat milk for better and fast results. This is because oatmeal is a known exfoliating agent and milk has a moisturizing effect to the skin.

Use a Primer

If it a must you apply makeup on your face you should always use a primer. It is not recommended to apply makeup when having a dry face but if it is a must then use a primer. A primer will help the makeup foundation glide easily onto the skin. The best foundation to apply is water based as it helps in moisturizing the skin and reduces dryness.

Use a Nourishing Mask

It is also important to give your face a nourishing mask treatment once a week. There are facial masks purposefully designed for dry skin types and they are the best to treat your face with. This mask will help in keeping the skin moist and it will give the skin a perfect glow on top of looking more healthy and young.

In conclusion, the above tips are the best to use when it comes to treating dry face. This is because they will help in treating the skin and it will make the face look younger and generally healthier.

Use the Wellness shake

Wellness shake

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