What is Clean Eating

What is Clean Eating

Ready to clean up your diet?

Have you been working out but not seeing any results from your hard work?

Your diet may be to blame! Eating clean has many benefits including lowering your risk for heart disease, increasing libido, clearing up your skin, increasing your energy,  improving your digestion, and weight loss. Cleaning up your diet does not have to be intimidating or hard to do, but the microwave and drive thru society we live in does make it seem less of an appealing option.  

The hardest part about eating clean is preparation and breaking old habits. I suggest starting slow. Don’t try to go from a drive thru lifestyle to a clean eating health addict overnight. It will not work! Maybe start with concentrating on eating one clean meal a day for a week. Once this has become habit, maybe consider cleaning up your snacks throughout the day. You get the picture. It will take time to change habits, learn what works best for you, and eventually it will become a lifestyle change if you stick with it.

If you like to eat like me, clean eating is great because you get to eat a lot and often! The foods are lower in calories, so you are able to consume more, however you may find that healthier foods make you feel fuller without feeling gross and bloated like you would after an unhealthy meal.

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